Station Field


“THE Board of Aylesham Hub Ltd has decided unanimously to withdraw plans to deliver our project to build a community facility on land at Station Field, Aylesham.   This site has been offered by Dover District Council to Aylesham Hub (previously the Village Hall project) to build a new social and community centre to serve this fast growing community.   We have concluded, however, that siting the project on Station Field, (near the skate park, St Joseph’s School and the railway station), would not be in the best interests of the village. The loss of public open space on a much loved and treasured area would be too detrimental to the area. We have listened to the concerns of residents in making this decision.   We propose that the area promised to the Hub be placed in trust for the community to keep it in perpetuity as public space, accessible, and as an environmentally positive facility for the village.   This is not the end of the Aylesham Hub project.   We are talking to other organisations in the village about creating a first class facility for Aylesham, Snowdown and the villages.   If these discussions fail to bear fruit, we will go back to Dover District Council to discuss locating the Aylesham Hub project elsewhere in the village.”  

AYLESHAM HUB Ltd        21 September 2020