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Come to the party!

Aylesham Hub has been awarded a grant to celebrate our project AND the first 25 years of the National Lottery. If you have any ideas – email us at ayleshamhub@gmail.com and let us know. We will let everyone now what we will be doing as soon as we can.

Community exhibition on 27 April

Aylesham has some great venues, facilities, clubs and societies. We are inviting them all to St Peter’s Church on Saturday 27 April to take part in a community exhibition to promote what they do and encourage new venue users and club supporters. As well as organising the event we will be on hand to ask the important question […]

Does Aylesham need a social hub?

This is something we have been asked a few times and the best way to answer it is with another question: are there any facilities, services, groups or clubs you wish we had in Aylesham? Our village has several halls and meeting rooms and we’re not looking to replace or duplicate anything that is already […]